Best Moka Pots Of 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Bialetti2.Grosche3. Vremi
Bialetti 06800 Best Moka PotGroscheVremi

Moka Pot is gaining attention despite the presence of the latest gears like espresso machines. The authentic taste of coffee you get from a freshly brewed coffee in Moka pot is to die for.

No wonder why people are in a frenzy trying to find out the best Moka pot available in the market. This guide would help you narrow down to the best Moka pot currently available. You can choose between the traditional Moka pots or the modern electric Moka pots.


Factors To Look For When Buying A Moka Pot

1. Stainless-steel Vs. Aluminum

Aluminum Moka pots are the oldest type of Moka pots. Even though these pots are still available in the market, the demand is for the stainless-steel version. This is mainly due to the reason that aluminum pots get rust spots very quickly if not dried properly after washing. This problem isn’t present in the case of stainless-steel pots.

Some pots have out layers made from stainless steel, while the inner chambers would be aluminum. These pots, too, will have the same problem associated with an aluminum pot.

2. Capability To Work On Different Cooktops

Some Moka pots can’t be operated with an induction cooktop or an electric stove. Most of these pots would be aluminum. Thus, if you have an electric stove, you need to check if the pot is suitable for it. But don’t jump into the conclusion that all-stainless-steel pots can work well with all types of cooktops.

Some stainless-steel pots do have problems with induction cooktops, and in worst cases, you would have your induction cooktop damaged if you don’t go through the instruction.

3. Electric Or Manual

Manual Moka pots are heated on a cooktop. Whereas the electric Moka pots are much similar to electric kettles. You just have to put it on the electric base and switch on the button. Usually, these types of Moka pots take less than 5 minutes to brew a cup of Moka coffee.

The electric Moka pots won’t be suitable for camping, as you need to find a plug point of the required amperes to operate the pots. Whereas some of the manual Moka pots can work on camping burners, thus making it suitable for camping.

4. Dishwasher Safe

Most of the commercially available Moka pots aren’t dishwasher friendly. The filter of the Moka pot is a very delicate part and is therefore washed with hands. But you can find some Moka pots that are dishwasher friendly; still, not all parts would be dishwasher safe.

5. Size Of The Moka Pot

The Moka pots are available in different serving sizes. You can have Moka pots that make a single cup of coffee at a time. You can also find Moka pots that can make 9 cups of coffee at a time. Most of the companies have Moka pots of different serving sizes, especially single cups, 6 cups, and 9 cups.

Top 15 Best Moka Pots 2022

1. Bialetti 06800

Bialetti 06800 Best Moka Pot

This Moka pot brews coffee sufficient for one standard mug (approximately 9.2 ounces) in one go. The Moka pot takes just five minutes to brew the coffee on a medium heat gas stovetop. You can’t use this Moka pot on an induction stovetop.

While using this Moka pot, be careful with the grind size. When the grind is too fine, the chances are high that the grind might clog the Moka pot. If the grind is too coarse, the brewed coffee tastes bland and would look watery.

The parts of the Moka pot can be easily detached. However, you can’t toss them into a dishwasher, as it is not dishwasher friendly. Make sure you do not frequently open the lid of the pot while it is on the stovetop. The steam could easily escape and would affect the brewing of the coffee.

The pot feels too clumsy, and the handle might break off after two to three uses. After a couple of uses, the coating of the pot comes out, and the pot would look like an old museum piece. If this happens, the product can be replaced immediately.

Apart from some small manufacturing faults, the product is one of the best available in the market, and if you are looking for a Moka pot that makes authentic Italian coffee, then this is the one.


2. Grosche


The Grosche Milano Moka pot can be used on a conventional gas stove and also on an induction stovetop. This Moka pot can brew up to 6 cups of Moka coffee in one go. It is easier to use than a coffee maker and makes richer and creamier coffee. Due to the sleek design, it is easy to store and won’t take up much space.

The stainless-steel handle is an added plus point. Most of the competitors showcase a completely plastic handle, and at high temperatures, the handle melts off. The Moka pot is dishwasher safe, and if you want to wash it with soap, use mild dishwashing soap.

The white coating inside the container doesn’t look like it is of good quality. Aesthetic appearance-wise, the pot is top-notch, but once you start brewing the coffee, you would notice that the steam is escaping from the spout meant to pour the coffee. Also, the stainless-steel handle is covered with rubber. The rubber that touches the body of the Moka pot tends to melt away very quickly.

As there are a lot of fake ones for this product, make sure to buy this Moka pot from a trusted dealer. If you are not sure your product is fake or not, just check with the washer and the coating of the pot. If the washer has a faint glow outside, and the coating comes out with a scratch of your fingernail, then the product is fake and returns it as soon as possible.


3. Vremi


This Moka pot from Vremi takes only 5 minutes to brew a cup of rich and creamy Moka coffee. At a time, you can brew 6 cups of espresso and is suitable for the conventional stovetop. The Moka pot is also suited for the induction stovetop.

The Moka pot has a sleek design and is made of high-quality aluminum polished with silver-like coating. The handle is made of vulcanized rubber and features a finger grip to provide a better grip of the pot.

The Moka pot is to be hand-washed and that too with a gentle soap. You can’t pop the parts into a dishwasher. Make sure you use the pot only after it has dried. The use of normal water for washing the pot is strictly recommended. If you are to use any chemicals to clean the pot, make sure you do a patch test, else, the silver coating might come off.

The Moka pot would not work on small induction tops even though the company claims it. You should either use a normal induction top or a conventional stovetop. Another issue is with the brewer. After some use, it might not draw water from the lower compartment, thus affecting the brewing process. If this happens, the filter has to be replaced.


4. Delonghi EMK6

Delonghi EMK6

This Moka pot from Delonghi is an innovative Moka pot that has an automatic shut off feature. Due to this, you would never get a burned coffee. The warm function is a patented technology that keeps the Moka coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.

The transparent container helps to see the level of the coffee brewed and would give you an insight into the creaminess of the coffee. Once the brew is complete, the machine turns off on its own, and you can lift the Moka pot from the base.

You can make up to 6 cups of espresso with this Moka pot and make sure you opt for a medium-fine coffee grind. If the grind is too coarse, you will not be able to taste the creaminess of the Moka. If the grind is too fine, then the coffee grind would either block the filter or escape into your coffee.

The Moka pot isn’t dishwasher safe, and also you have to be very gentle while hand-washing the port. Make sure you install the pot into the base once it’s dry, else the connections in the base might get short-circuited when it comes in contact with the water droplets.

The main problem with this Moka pot is the rubber rings present inside. It would be challenging to find replacement parts for this model of the Moka pot as it is comparatively different from the conventional models available in the market.


5. Bialetti Tricolor

Bialetti Tricolor

This Bialetti Moka pot features a tri-colored design and is one of the best Moka pots available in the market. You can get a rich and creamy coffee every time you use this pot. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to use.

You can brew up to 6 normal cups of espresso at a time. The Moka pot can be used with a conventional gas stove as well as an induction stove. Even though the Moka pot isn’t dishwasher safe, you can easily detach the parts and wash them with your hands. Make sure you do not use any strong chemical to wash the pot, as it can cause the tricolor to fade away.

Before reassembling the parts, make sure you pat dry the pieces with a towel. This is to ensure the safety valve functions well and doesn’t cause any problems while working. Also, make sure to grind the coffee. A medium grind would be just fine for a smooth filter operation and assure you a creamy coffee.

As Bialetti is a household name when it comes to Moka pots, be aware of the duplicate ones available in the market. You can spot the duplicate ones by closely examining the safety valve. The safety valve has a unique finish and oozes quality. This won’t be the case when it comes to a fake Bialetti product.

While pouring the hot Moka coffee from the pot to your cup, make sure you catch the lid firmly with your hand. As there is no firm lock, the lid might open, and the hot coffee might spill onto your hands, causing severe burns.


6. Bellemain

The Bellemain Moka pot is a treat to the eyes, and the elegant design combined with outstanding performance makes it one of the best stovetop espresso makers. This Moka pot is specially crafted for use on a stovetop and can’t be used on an induction stove.

The minimalist aluminum design is capable of taking up high heat and evenly heats the pot to provide a piping hot cup of rich and creamy Moka coffee. Go for a medium coffee grind to enjoy the consistent taste of caffeine. Never put the fine coffee grind in the filter, as it can clog the filter pores and result in tasteless and bland espresso.

The pot has to be hand-washed after disassembling it and is not at all dishwasher friendly. Make sure you wash it with warm water and pat dry before reassembling it. This ensures the proper working of the safety valve and other rubber washers.

The safety valve prevents the overheating of the coffee. So, if you are half awake and still want to make a delicious coffee without the burnt taste, then you need to get hands-on with this Moka pot.

Make sure you lay hands on the original product. If you want to carry out a simple test to determine whether it is fake or not, then just scratch the inner wall of the pot with your hands. If the silver coating comes onto your hands, then it’s fake. You surely do not want to see silver metal toppings in your coffee, do you?


7. Imusa


This Moka pot from Imusa is available in four sizes – single serving, 3 cups, 6 cups, and 9 cups. The Moka pot can be used on a stovetop and is not suitable for an induction cooktop. The handle made from bakelite ensures that it can resist high temperatures and don’t melt off easily.

The pot is made from stainless steel, and therefore, the pressure gets distributed throughout, and so does the steam. This paves the way for a perfectly brewed, authentic Moka coffee. You can also brew rich espresso with this coffee pot.

The Moka pot isn’t dishwasher friendly, so you would have to wash it with your hands using a mild soap. Don’t use abrasive chemical cleaning agents as it can easily corrode the inner wall of the Moka pot.

Even though the exterior of the coffee pot is made from stainless steel, the insides of the coffee pot aren’t made from the same material. You might also notice rust after three to four months of use. Due to this reason, make sure you pat dry the parts immediately after washing it and while storing it, keep it free from moisture and air.


8. Primula PES-3312

Primula PES-3312

This coffee pot can deliver up to 6 cups of creamy espresso at a time. The pot is to be used only on a conventional stove top and can’t be used with an induction cooktop. It works pretty decently on a ceramic stovetop, but it is not recommended.

As the temperature increases, the chances are that the bottom part of the pot might melt and stick onto the electric or ceramic stovetop, which can damage both the products.

The pot is made from aluminum and therefore is durable. The heat produced is thoroughly distributed throughout the pot to ensure a perfect brewed coffee. The coffee grind should not be too fine or coarse. This is to ensure that the brew doesn’t come out as too bland or too strong.

Even though this Moka pot can’t replace your coffee maker machine, this would make for a decent substitute in case you want a simple yet classic espresso or Moka coffee. If you have decided to buy this Moka pot from Primula, make sure you don’t fall for the fake ones. A scratch test would reveal which is the original one and which is the fake one.

The main disadvantage of this model is that it takes time to resemble the parts properly after washing. As the pot isn’t dishwasher friendly, you have to hand wash it with gentle soap and warm water. Make sure you properly keep the washers and install the safety valve at the right place.


9. Bialetti 06969

Bialetti 06969

The Bialetti Moka pot is one of its kind. The unique design and the safety features make it stand out from its counterparts. The highlight is the sturdy top lid design, which prevents the coffee from pouring onto your hands accidentally.

The Moka pot would be able to brew nearly six cups of espresso at a time, and the brew would be ready in 5 minutes. The nylon handle makes sure that it doesn’t burn at high temperature and the same is sturdy enough to hold the weight of 6 cups of water.

The Moka pot has to be washed with hands as it isn’t dishwasher friendly. While doing so make sure, you do not use a strong chemical instead opt for a mild and gentle washing soap or liquid. Even though the pot can be used on an induction top as well, it is highly recommended to use it on a conventional stovetop or gas stove to provide equal heating of the pot.

Make sure about the consistency of the coffee grinds. Too large or coarse grinds can result in a bland espresso and a very fine coffee grind can give you a very strong or bitter espresso. Clean the filter frequently, after every wash, to ensure effective brew of the coffee.

The main disadvantage is that the inner part would get rusted very easily, therefore to prevent it, make sure you do not immerse the pot in water for too long. Also, after washing, immediately pat dry the surfaces to prevent the formation of rust.


10. Bialetti Venus 2

Bialetti Venus 2

This is the two-cup version of the Bialetti 06969 Venus Stovetop espresso coffee maker. The container holds only two cups of water and is suitable for people who like to have two cups of coffee in the morning.

As this version is comparatively smaller, you can easily take this when you got out camping or for a family outing. The Moka pot isn’t suitable to be washed using a dishwasher. If you hand wash it, pat dry the parts to prevent the formation of rust.

Another important thing to take care of is the consistency of the coffee grind that you plan to use in the pot. Make sure you use a medium grind coffee. The Moka pot can’t accept any kinds of coffee pods. Also, the filter has to be washed regularly to ensure that it functions properly. While doing so, do it with warm water.

The special lock on the lid is something that is essential in a Moka pot but lacks in many of the available ones. The top lock prevents the spilling of hot coffee onto your wrists or palms. Make sure you have purchased the original products. If it isn’t original you can easily find the product getting rusted and also the handle might break off very easily.


11. bonVIVO Intenca

bonVIVO Intenca

This Moka Pot can make up to 6 cups of espresso in a go. The sleek design and stylish chrome finish are a treat to behold and is surely one of its kind. The BonVivo Moka pot is considered to be one of the best Moka pot for the exceptional performance it showcases in giving you a rich and creamy Moka coffee every time.

The Moka pot is made from stainless steel to prevent the formation of rust. As it is of stainless steel, the pot can be used on a conventional gas stove, induction cooktop, ceramic stovetop and also on an electric cooker.

The heat resistant handle provides complete protection for your hands and the finger grip makes sure that you have better hold of the Moka pot. The lid on the top can be left open while pouring the coffee onto the cups. In this way, you don’t have to be startled with the unexpected of the lid in midway while pouring the coffee.

The pot isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it also pleases you with its operation. Make sure you wash the product with your hands and don’t pop any of the parts into a dishwasher. While washing, make sure you use a mild soap. Using strong chemicals can cause a reaction between the chrome finish and ultimately, it would come off.


12. LuxHaus


Made from stainless steel, this Moka pot from LuxHaus is one of the best stovetop espresso makers currently available in the market. The company also provides a 100% no-rust guarantee and therefore you can be at peace of mind if you accidentally forget to pat dry the parts after washing. Make sure you don’t pop the parts into a dishwasher, as this pot isn’t dishwasher friendly.

The Moka pot works perfectly on a conventional stovetop, ceramic stove, electric cooker and also on an induction cooktop. As the whole pot is made from stainless steel, the bottom part of the Moka pot wouldn’t stick to the cooktops. You can also take this pot along with you while camping, as it works perfectly on a camping stove too.

You can make up to 3 cups of espresso at a time. Care should be taken to avoid using too fine grind, as this can clog the filter and damage it later on. Instead, go for a medium coffee grind, thus the creaminess and richness of the caffeine can be easily extracted while brewing.

The serving size varies with what the company has promised. You won’t be getting exactly 3 cups of espresso at a time. Instead, it would always be lower than it. Maybe 1 ½ or 2 cups of espresso. But do not try to fill the bottom part beyond its capacity hoping to get a full 3 cups of the espresso.


13. Godmorn


The Godmorn Italian coffee maker promises authentic Italian coffee each time you use the product. The Moka pot is completely made from stainless steel, thus there won’t be any problem associated with rust and corrosion.

This Moka pot works perfectly on any kind of stovetop – electric, gas stove, induction as well as electric. You can also take the Moka pot along with you when you go out camping.

As the pot works on a camping stove as well, you can have a cup of espresso anywhere at any time. Any burner having an induction coil or any heating element above 8.5 cm can be used to heat the Moka pot.

The handle and the lid give you the vibe of using a flask, such is the design of the Moka pot. The parts can be easily detached thus the cleaning process becomes much easier. the safety valve located at the bottom part of the Moka pot helps to adjust the pressure inside the pot and at the same time send a waft of freshly brewed coffee.

Even though the company promises 9 cups in one go, you won’t be getting exactly 9 cups. Instead, it would be always lower than 7 cups of espresso. So, you need to plan accordingly before brewing the coffee. Even if you attempt to put in the correct 9 cups of water, the brewing stops after 6 or 7 cups or a bit more. Apart from this, the Moka pot would make a great choice and is also one of the coolest gifting options.


14. Amfocus 300ml

Amfocus 300ml

This Moka pot from Amfocus can make up to 6 cups of espresso at a time. The handle provides grip and is sturdy enough to bear the weight of the filled Moka pot. The handle is made from silicone and can resist high temperatures of heat.

The pouring spout is designed in such a way the user won’t get any burns while pouring the coffee. Made from stainless- steel, the coffee pot is extremely lightweight but also durable at the same time. You can use the coffee pot on an electric stove, induction cooktop and also on a conventional gas stove.

Make sure you only put medium grind coffee. Avoid using very fine grinds of coffee. This can lead to clogging of the filter pores and you get water that tastes like coffee and not real espresso.

The parts of the Moka pot can be easily detached but don’t pop them into a dishwasher. You have to handwash the parts and then pat dry to avoid any kind of corrosion. While washing, make sure you use mild cleaning agents and not concentrated chemicals. Using concentrated chemicals can strip off the layer of the outer coating and expose the bare stainless-steel.

As this Moka pot is one of the best Moka pots available in the market, there are a lot of fake ones circulating. The main difference that differentiates the original and fake one is the build of the Moka pot. The original ones would be made from complete stainless steel while the fake ones would have the inner chamber made from aluminum, thus it rusts after three to four months of use.


15. Amfocus


This stovetop espresso Moka pot is made from stainless steel, inside out. Therefore, you won’t spot rust spots after a couple of uses. The stainless-steel chamber helps to spread out the heat evenly and therefore the coffee would be ready in 4 to 5 minutes.

This Moka pot can brew up to 4 cups of espresso at a time. You get 3 measuring coffee scoops along with the product. This can help you get the correct measurement of coffee grind need for different serving sizes.

Make sure you put only a medium-fine coffee grind. Do not attempt to use coarse grind or coffee beans. This can damage the filter and after two or three attempts you would be getting coffee-flavored water instead of a rich and creamy espresso.

The durable brass valve preserves the pressure and if it exceeds the threshold limit, it let go of the extra pressure that has built up. You can use either an induction cooktop or a conventional gas stovetop to brew the coffee on this Moka pot.

Even though the pot is made of high-quality stainless-steel, make sure you don’t attempt to wash the parts using a dishwasher, especially a filter. The filter would get easily damaged and should be washed with mild dishwashing soap or liquid.

The pot won’t initially build up the pressure required to brew the coffee. To solve this, take out the pressure valve and clean it with warm water, pat dry and fix it back into the position. The problem would be solved in most cases. If it doesn’t, then you will have to replace the product.

Also, you might face problems while using the Moka pot on an induction cooktop. The heat won’t be sufficient to heat the whole pot and therefore, the required pressure won’t build up. You would have to wait a long time and therefore, use it only on a conventional gas stove for better results.


FAQs on Moka Pots

1. How Long Should A Moka Pot Take?

Normally a Moka pot takes about 5 to 6 minutes to brew a strong and creamy espresso. With some innovative technologies, the latest Moka pot has reduced the brewing time to 4 minutes. Moka pot taking longer than 7 minutes should be discarded, as it is a wastage of energy.

2. What Coffee Is Good For A Moka Pot?

Whole bean coffee is the best choice for Moka pot but it depends on the capacity of the filter. Therefore, it can vary. You can also use pre-ground coffee or medium-fine grind.

3. Is Moka Pot Coffee Strong?

Usually Moka coffee isn’t as strong as a regular cup of espresso. But you can buy Moka pots that can brew espresso as well. Moka coffee is slightly more concentrated than regular coffee.

4. Why Do My Moka Pot Leaks?

The leakage should have been caused due to a clogged brewer. This happens when you use too fine coffee grinds. The taste of the coffee would also get affected and you get a very bitter cup of coffee as a result of a clogged brewer.


Moka pots are one of the most traditional methods to brew a cup of coffee. Even though a lot of innovative technologies have been implemented in Moka pots, the conventional aluminum Moka pots are still up for sale.

It would be a tough time selecting between a Moka pot or the latest espresso machine, as the cost of the former is comparatively less, you can give it a try. You would be surprised by the rich and authentic Italian coffee that can be made using the Moka pots.