Best Espresso Machines Under $200 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Breville2. De’Longhi3. Sowtech
Breville BEC120RED1AUC1 Best Espresso MachineDe'Longhi EC155Sowtech Espresso Machine

Nothing sounds better than having an Espresso. Let it be an early morning shot to kick off your day or with an evening snack in your office. The explosive taste of the espresso coming from the finest of the Italian coffee recipes is always one to look forward to.

Espresso can’t be made just like any other coffee. Even though you can use regular coffee beans to make a cup of espresso, a lot of people prefer some authentic bean types for the amazing taste. Similarly, not all the coffee machines can make good espresso. This guide will help you pick the best espresso machine under $200.


Factors To Consider While Buying An Espresso Machine

There are several factors that we need to consider while buying this coffee gear. Normal coffee machines usually aren’t strong enough to make espresso.

1. Consistency

Consistency is the key aspect to consider while buying an espresso machine. Espresso needs a very consistent mix of the milk and the beans to bring out the best taste from the beans. A lot of dedicated machines are usually consistent enough to make espresso. However, this can’t be said for normal coffee machines.

Consistency plays a key role in determining the taste because the texture of the coffee directly impacts the mouthfeel. Now, it is hard to find a chain where the espresso is inconsistent, but it can be observed in some of the local shops.

2. Durability

Espresso coffee machines are not something that you have to buy every now and then. Usually, the machines last a long time if they are not damaged before. You have to pick a manufacturer that offers you the best terms of the warranty.

The build of the espresso machine also plays an important role in validating the durability. Generally, Stainless Steel is used to make the boilers of espresso machines. Stainless Steel has good corrosion resistivity, and the wear of the material is also low. It is cheaper than the higher alloys of aluminum and conducts heat quite well.

3. Method Of Operation

The advancements in technology have also impacted the espresso machines highly. There are a lot of automatic espresso machines out in the field. If the machine is completely automatic, you either have to push a button or alert the machine from your phone to make a nice shot of espresso.

Then there are traditional machines which are not highly accurate but can get the job done. There are also semi-automatic espresso machines being manufactured. These semi-automatic machines work by some simple commands from the consumer. Coming to the cost, they lie in the middle grounds of automatic and manual machines and will be a great choice if you make coffee frequently.

4. Capacity

Capacity plays an important role, especially if you are going to share the machine with someone. Espresso machines are capable of producing either one or more cups of coffee at the same time. If you have to share the espresso machine with someone, it might be hard to make single shots over and over again.

The water reservoir of the machine should also be large. Filling in water is not a difficult job, but it is better to have a large water reservoir than constantly taking it to the sink.

5. Operation Time

Espresso machines can produce coffee in different time limits based on their build, power consumption, and design. If you are quite busy and want to get things to be done quickly, some machines can produce espresso shots in minutes.

6. Affordability

Like all machines, with an increase in features, the price of the coffee machines also increases. For instance, automatic espresso machines cost more than semi-automatic ones. So, the easier you want your espresso, the more you have to spend. You need to pick the right features that will deliver the best taste with the minimum effort all the while, keeping it pocket friendly.

Top 19 Best Espresso Machines under $200 2022

1. Breville BEC120RED1AUC1

Breville BEC120RED1AUC1 Best Espresso Machine

Breville has been a trusted manufacturer in this field for quite some time now. This amazing espresso machine from Breville comes in four different colors: Black, Red, White, and Titan. The red coating on this coffee machine gives it a stunning look with a pinch of creativity. Breville Inissia can make only one cup of coffee at a time, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

This espresso machine can deliver up to 19 bars of pressure, giving a very unique and consistent blend of the flavors. Breville Inissia is most famous for its patented extraction system that makes sure that every bean is utilized properly.

Using the machine is quite simple, and even beginners can learn it with ease. You don’t have to worry about adjusting all the confusing settings, thanks to it’s automatic system. This machine truly eases the work of the user.

One of the best things about this espresso machine is the time in which it can make the coffee. State of the art design used in this espresso machine heats the water within 25 seconds. It is the best espresso machine and possibly the fastest one too in the market under a budget of $200.

The size of the water reservoir that is equipped in this machine is reasonably large. It comes with a capacity of 0.7 liters. That should be enough to make roughly eight to nine shots of espresso.

This machine also has a power-saving mode. In this mode, the machine turns itself off after nine minutes. That way, you can put your espresso beans in the machine, take a shower, and return to have your delicious and fresh coffee.

Breville Inissia also comes with a folding drip tray. This drip tray can accommodate larger cups. With this drip tray present, you don’t have to worry about the spillage anymore. Whenever you take your mug off, the drip tray automatically drops drown to prevent any spillage of drops.

The Nespresso capsule system that is integrated with this machine makes the espresso in small capsules that preserves the aroma and the taste of the beans. The machine weighs about 6 pounds and will be perfect for any indoor usage.


2. De’Longhi EC155

De'Longhi EC155

This innovative espresso machine from De’Longhi can also be used to make Cappuccinos. The best thing about this machine is that you can make two cups of everything at once. This espresso machine has a dual filter system that lets you brew two coffees at the same time.

The swivel jet frother in this espresso machine allows it to brew perfect lattes and cappuccinos quickly. The taste and aroma of the beans are also preserved in this way. This machine also has a self-start up mechanism. It is technically called self-priming. It means that you don’t have to put up with all the nuances of starting the machine. You can start using it right away after starting it.

The two thermostats that are present in this machine allows it to control the water and steam pressures separately. It is a necessary condition to get a perfect espresso. In manual machines, you have to take control of the pressures, but since the machine does it automatically here, the chances of getting a perfect espresso are more. By having two thermostats, the temperature will also be perfect and will definitely improve the taste.

EC155 Bar pump espresso maker uses a stainless steel boiler. Stainless steel lasts longer in a boiler than other metals such as Iron or Copper. That is mainly because of the corrosion resistance property of stainless steel. Iron is a great conductor of heat, but it corrodes easily. Copper is a great conductor of both heat and electricity, but when in the presence of other elements, it corrodes easily as well.

This machine is capable of producing 15 bars of pressure. Even though it is lesser than the previous model, this model definitely offers more flexibility in brewing.


3. Sowtech Espresso Machine

Sowtech Espresso Machine

This espresso maker from the Espresso Machine is quite simple to use. You just have to adjust the knob, and your espresso will be ready. The accurate temperature control that is present in this machine ensures the best taste.

This machine is built with stainless steel, so the durability of the machine is very high. It won’t rust easily because of the materials used. The high-grade materials that are used to build the boiler will also increase the durability of the machine.

The espresso machine also has a drip pan attached to it. Whenever the jar is removed, the drip pan opens up and catches the drops of coffee that may spill. The espresso machine also has a frothing arm, which makes exceptional frothing to top off your espresso.

Espresso maker from espresso machines can make 1-4 cups at a time. The machine can apply a pressure of 3.5 bars. Even though it is lower than the pressure that some other machines can deliver, the cream that this machine can produce compensates for this.

The 3.5 bar pressure ensures that the coffee will be rich and have a consistent texture. This machine takes about five minutes to make an espresso. It might take some trial brewings first to get the frothing right, but everything else in this machine is easy to operate and gives amazing espresso at the best time.

If your budget is around 70 dollars, the machine would be a good choice.


4. DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

DeLonghi EC702 Espresso Maker

Espresso maker from DeLonghi is a bar pump type of machine. This coffee maker is capable of increasing the pressure inside up to 15 bars. This huge pressure helps produce coffee quickly.

The Espresso Maker is a self-priming machine. It means that whenever you start the machine, you don’t have to wait for the machine to finish up any starting maneuvers. The machine automatically completes all the processes quickly when it is turned on.

Espresso maker also has a frother. A frother can be used to produce delicious frothing for the coffees. With the espresso maker, you can make lattes along with espresso. The frothier is, however, manual. So you have to determine when to stop the frothing. It might take some time to adjust the frothing to your taste.

You can brew a double espresso shot with this machine. The filter that is present in this machine allows you to brew single shot espresso, double shot, and an easy serve espresso pod. The excellent design of this machine preserves the taste and the aroma of the beans for the maximum extent.

The rapid cappuccino system used in espresso maker allows you to brew espresso continuously without any delay. The water tank that is integrated with this machine is removable and can be refilled easily. The water level can be easily observed on the tank to eliminate any guesswork involving the refill.

The parts of this machine are dishwasher compatible. It means that you can just put the parts like a drip tray, and water can, etc. in the dishwasher. It will ease the cleaning process critically. The water tank comes with a capacity of 35 oz. Espresso Maker uses an advanced manual frother. It weighs around 11.5 pounds.


5. Mr. Coffee Café Barista

Mr. Coffee Café Barista

Mr. Coffee Espresso and cappuccino maker is a three in one machine. You can make espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes in this machine. It uses a 15 bar pump system. This high-pressure system allows you to brew rich and fine coffee within minutes.

The machine uses a semi-automatic system to make coffee. The automatic milk frother reduces the mistakes that are otherwise possible when it’s done manually. It also removes the guesswork in the process. Getting the frothing right can be a tough job in a manual coffee maker. So this machine removes that burden on us.

There is a one-touch control panel in this machine that is used to select the type of drink required. You can select from three types of coffee available. The cup size can also be selected in the control panel itself.

The cleaning of this machine is quite easy. Both the water tank and the coffee reservoir are removable from the machine and can be cleaned easily. Even while refilling the reservoirs, it becomes much easier because we can remove them out of the machine.

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino maker is quite simple to use. All you have to do is, pick a single shot or double shot filter, select your grounds, fill the milk reservoir, and choose your brew.

This machine automatically turns off when the brewing and foaming processes complete. It reduces your work and gives a perfectly delicious and aromatic coffee.

This machine is one best espresso machine under $200 that is completely automatic.


6. Delonghi EC680M Dedica

Delonghi EC680M Dedica

Delonghi EC680M Dedica is a bar pump espresso machine. There are three stunning colors available in this model: red, black, and metallic. The double cappuccino filter that is present in this system allows you to brew single or double cappuccino shots. With this machine, you can brew coffee that tastes just like barista coffee.

Delonghi Dedica uses a manual frothing system. The manual frother mixes the milk and the steam to create a rich and fine-textured coffee. The manual frother ensures that the drink has an even and a creamy texture.

The filter that is used in this machine works as a three-way filter. You can brew a single espresso shot, a double espresso shot, and an easy-serve espresso pod. This increased flexibility in this machine is definitely one of the aspects that made it stand out in the market.

The bottom tray of this machine can be easily adjusted to fit large cups. If the cup is too large to fit with the bottom tray present, you can even remove the tray easily. It also helps while cleaning because there is a good chance that the coffee spillage will happen the most on the bottom tray.

This machine is designed especially for modern kitchens. The compact design and the sleek and glamorous look of this machine make it a perfect fit for any type of countertop. The amazing design of this machine occupies very little space and gives the best performance.

Delonghi Dedica is quite simple to use. The machine automatically stops the flow with the help of its Auto Flow Stop feature. This feature ensures that just the right amount of espresso is let out.

If your budget is around 300 dollars, this machine would be a good choice.


7. Breville Nespresso Vertuo

Breville Nespresso Vertuo 

Breville has always been a trusted manufacturer in the field of coffee-making machines. Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso machine from Breville are one of the best designs by Breville. The sleek and compact design of this machine makes it a perfect companion for any kitchen.

With this machine, you can adjust the cup-sized depending on the requirements. Nespresso uses a special capsule technology to capture the true essence and taste of the beans. The preheating time in this machine is just about 15-20 seconds, so the espresso can be made in the least amount of time possible.

This machine supports five cup sizes. You can choose from Alto Coffee, Coffee, Gran Lungo, Double Espresso, and Espresso. This machine brews coffee in small capsules that are fit for one serving.

Nespresso Vertuo uses a special technology that is unique to this series of machines. The technology is known as centrifugation—this feature, when activated, utilizes the capsules to brew the perfect coffee. The capsules are sealed and are made to rotate at speeds of 7,000 rotations per minute.

It perfectly blends the ground coffee with the water and brings a great uniformity and texture to the coffee. Since the coffee is made in the capsules and is released into the mug later, your cup will be filled with the fresh aroma of the beans along with their delicate taste.

This machine weighs about 12 pounds. If your budget is around 120 dollars, it would be a great choice for you.


8. Nespresso By De’Longhi ENV150GYAE

Nespresso By De'Longhi ENV150GYAE

Nespresso, by De’Longhi, has the whole package. It comes with an aeroccino Milk Frother by De’longhi and is perfect for brewing espresso. This espresso machine only works with espresso capsules. The capsules ensure that the taste and the aroma of the beans are properly preserved before pouring the espresso into the cup.

Nespresso VertuoPlus is quite simple to use. It is an automatic espresso brewing machine that requires minimum effort from the consumer. The product runs on an input power of 1350 watts. The design of this machine is appealing and is made to occupy the minimum amount of space possible.

With this espresso machine, you can brew coffee in many different cup sizes. This flexibility in the cup size is backed by a unique design to deliver the right amount of cream to every cup to make every experience fresh and soothing.

The VertuPlus has a motorized head and a movable water tank. The capacity of the water tank is about 60 ounces. You can either push the water tank out to make a display or keep it inside to occupy less space on the table.

One of the best things about this machine is its heat p time. The machine can heat water in just 20-25 seconds, making it the best choice if you want your coffee to be quick and delicious.

This machine weighs about 9 pounds and would be a great choice for any indoor use.


9. Nespresso By De’Longhi ENV135R

Nespresso By De'Longhi ENV135R

This espresso machine is famous for its classic design and optimistic color schema. Nespresso by Delonghi is a completely automatic espresso maker. This machine is designed to be used with Nespresso Vertuo capsules. The coffee that is brewed in these capsules is said to be absolutely delicious.

ENV135R offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to cup sizes. You can brew Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Coffee, and Alto. The use of Vertuo capsules ensures that every cup size receives a fresh and uniform textured coffee.

The Nespresso technology that is used in this coffee machine uses barcodes to deliver the best results. This machine brews best single-serve coffee with its state of the art design and automation. Using this machine is pretty simple. You only have to press a button to activate the machine and operate it.

The capacity of the water tank that is installed in this espresso machine has a capacity of 54 ounces. The fast heat-up time of this machine allows you to heat the water in just 15 seconds. It ensures that the espresso is delivered in the minimum amount of time possible.

Nespresso offers an innovative 17 capacity capsule inserting tank. This number is higher than the other machines in the same price range. With the huge water tank and the capsule capacity, you should be able to find time to refill them quite easily.

If your budget is around 80 dollars, it would be the best espresso machine that is completely automatic.


10. Breville-Nespresso USA BEC220BLK1AUC1

Breville-Nespresso USA BEC220BLK1AUC1

This astoundingly compact and sleek espresso machine from Nespresso by Breville is one of the best models from the manufacturer. It is the smallest ever single-serve espresso machine in the world. The small size and compact design make this machine lightweight and highly portable.

This machine can exert a pressure up to 19 bars. A lot of the machines in this price range offer lesser pressure range, such as 15 bars. This machine works on a one-touch operation. It means that you can make delicious coffee with just a single touch.

Nespresso Essenza also has a power-saving mode. The machine automatically turns off in nine minutes if it is undisturbed. It means that you can go for a walk or take a shower while your coffee is processing, and you will have fresh coffee in your hands by the time you return.

You can adjust the cup size using two special buttons that are given on the espresso machine. You can either choose espresso or Lungo cups. The fast heat-up of the boiler makes sure that the water heats up within 20-25 seconds.

This machine can use 16 original line capsules that are made by Nespresso. The water tank capacity of this machine is around 0.6 liters. It should be enough to brew approximately 8-9 cups of coffee.

This espresso machine can hold up to 5-6 used capsules at a time. If your budget is around 100 dollars, it would be the best espresso machine for you.


11. Wacaco Minipresso GR

Wacaco Minipresso GR

This coffee machine is perfect for travelers due to its compact design and travel compatible features. You don’t have to use a battery to use this machine. It is completely manual. It allows you to use this machine even in places where electricity isn’t accessible.

The capacity of this machine is just 50ml. You have to add boiling water to the water tank. Unlike the other machines, this espresso machine does not have a boiler inside to heat the water automatically.

Wacaco Minipresso uses an innovative design that separates it from all the other machines. There is a small piston provided in the machine. Through this piston, the water is injected slowly into the coffee cabin.

The average pressure that can be generated in this machine is around 8 bars. It should be enough to deliver fine coffee anywhere and at any time. The machine has a ground capacity of 0.28 oz, which is high for a manual machine.

Using this machine can be a little harder than semi-automatic or automatic machines.

If you want to buy a machine for outdoor usage, it is the best espresso machine under 200 dollars.


12. Nespresso By De’Longhi EN80S

Nespresso By De'Longhi EN80S

EN80S Nespresso by De’Longhi can brew barista grade espresso in a matter of minutes. This machine uses a patented extraction system, which makes the coffee extra delicious and strong. The state of the art design that is used in this machine ensures that every cup of coffee from this machine is astounding and fresh.

The ideal water temperature is reached in just 20-25 seconds in this machine. It means that the espresso will be ready within no time. This machine can deliver up to 19 bars of pressure. The coffee will be ready in the least amount of time possible.

The cup size can be adjusted on this machine with the help of the provided buttons. The drip tray that is present in the machine accommodates larger single-serve cup sizes and recipes. The advantage of this drip tray is that it can be folded to occupy the minimum space possible.

This machine is also completely automatic. With just the press of a button, your coffee will be ready in no time. Just like the other Nespresso machines, this machine uses the Nespresso capsule system to provide the best coffee possible. The capacity of the water tank of this machine is 0.7 liters. It can hold ten capsules at the same time.

If your budget is around 100 dollars, this machine would be a great choice.


13. Aicook 3.5Bar Espresso Coffee Maker

Aicook 3.5Bar Espresso Coffee Maker

Aicook espresso coffee maker has a user-friendly design. Using this machine is very simple. You can brew up to 4 cups of espresso at the same time with the machine. The maximum pressure that this machine can attain is 3.5 bars. It means that the time taken to get a good espresso might increase, but the taste increases with it.

Aicook espresso machine can also make lattes. The built-in steam wand can create a rich and creamy foam. The steam wand enables the consumer to make not just espresso, but also lattes and cappuccinos.

Cleaning this machine is pretty easy. The nozzle and the drip pan can be removed from the machine and cleaned separately. Since they are the places where one might see spillage, it makes the cleaning process easy and quick.

One of the major disadvantages of this machine is that you can’t make cappuccinos continuously. You will have to wait for at least a minute before getting another batch on the machine. This machine weighs about 3.8 pounds and can be carried around easily.

If you are looking to buy an espresso machine under 100 dollars, this product would be a great choice.


14. Staresso Portable Espresso Machine

Staresso Portable Espresso Machine

The Portable Espresso Machine from STARESSO has a modern design with an intriguing pattern on the upper half of the body. This espresso machine is completely manual. It means that you will have to choose when to stop the machine, frothing, etc.

With this espresso machine, you can get barista-grade coffee with thick cream resembling that of the Italian cafes. The water tank in this machine is pretty big for a manually operated espresso machine. It can hold up to 80 ml of water inside. The machine weighs just 0.97 pounds. Since this is also a manual machine, it would be the best companion while traveling.

This espresso machine is compatible with both Nespresso pods and ground beans. This level of flexibility can not be seen in other machines of the same price range. STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine uses a patented pumping system which can deliver a pressure of 15-20 bars. It ensures that the coffee is ready within no time.

It is extremely simple to clean this machine. Since there are no parts that require electricity to function, there won’t be a boiler in this machine. It means that you have to pour boiling water in the water tank of this machine.


15. Wacaco Nanopresso Portable

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable

Nanopresso from Wacaco is an upgraded version of Minipresso. It occupies far less space than the Minipresso and has improved performance. This espresso machine runs on a completely manual system. You don’t need electricity to use this machine.

The unique pumping system of Nanopresso allows it to achieve pressures up to 18 bars with ease. It can deliver rich and fine coffee in just a matter of minutes. Nanopresso works better with ground beans. The innovative technology used in this espresso machine ensures that every cup is worth the work.

Wacaco employed special techniques and mechanisms in this model, making it 15% easier to operate compared to the previous models. It is delightfully easy to clean this machine. All the components of the Portafilter can be removed and cleaned separately.

Thanks to the latest advancements in technology, Nanopresso is even shorter than the Minipresso. This small powerhouse weighs about 0.75 pounds and performs better than any of the previous models by Wacaco.

The water tank capacity of this espresso machine is about 80ml. Even though it’s less when compared to the other models, it is still the best in manual espresso machines. If you are looking to buy a manual product, it is the best espresso machine under 200 dollars that you can get.


16. Hamilton Beach Espresso 40792

Hamilton Beach Espresso 40792

Hamilton Beach Espresso machine is a three in one product that can also make lattes and cappuccinos. You can get cafe-quality coffee right at your home with this machine. The machine can deliver a pressure of 15 bars. This pressure should be enough to extract the best flavor out of the beans.

This machine is compatible with both espresso pods and ground espresso making it more flexible in terms of usage and taste. Using this machine is quite simple too. You just have to slide down the lock, adjust the settings, and lock it up again to get a fresh and delicious coffee right at your home.

Hamilton Beach Espresso machine has a swiveling Steam Wand. This steam wand can be used to make lattes and cappuccinos. The steam wand that is used in this machine is capable of mixing frothing the milk so amazingly that it resembles the cream of the baristas.

One of the best things about this machine is the cup warmer that is integrated with the machine. This cup warmer keeps all the cups warmer until you take it off the machine. You can even put slightly cold cups on the cup warmer to give them a little blast of heat.

If your budget is around 120 dollars, it would be an optimal pick for you.


17. Breville-Nespresso USA BNV450SIL1BUC1

Breville-Nespresso USA BNV450SIL1BUC1

Breville Nespresso BNV450SIL1BUC1 is a slightly older model than the previously mentioned ones. This model is specifically designed to improve the experience of espresso drinkers. You can brew up to five different cup sizes with this machine.

Nespresso used an all-new color palette for this model, giving it a much unique and modern look. It is also portable and occupies a very small space in the kitchen, making it a perfect pick for table-top counters.

This model makes use of the patented Centrifusion technology by Nespresso. This technology utilizes barcode reading to deliver the best coffee. Brewing time is also low in this machine because of the use of centrifusion technology. When this process starts, the capsules are made to rotate at speeds of 7000 RPM to blend and mix with the water completely.


18. Nespresso By De’Longhi EN125S

Nespresso By De'Longhi EN125S

It is one of the classic Nespresso models by De’Longhi. It has a 19 bar high-pressure pump. It makes sure that the essence of the beans is not lost in the process. It has a heating temperature of just 25 seconds. The power-saving mode that is present in this machine automatically turns the machine off in nine minutes.

The best thing about this coffee machine is that it is a programmable coffee machine. It comes compatible with two cup sizes.


19. Moocoo Portable Espresso Machine

Moocoo Portable Espresso Machine

This portable espresso machine from Moocoo is a great companion to take on travels. It has a 20 bar advanced pumping system that delivers only the best coffee. It is small, and lightweight making it easy to carry around. This espresso machine has pretty much the same features as the other manual machines, with the exception of the higher pressure.



An espresso machine needs to be durable, portable, and easy to work with. You have to choose the right features that you need to select the best espresso machine under 200 dollars. Make sure that the machine you choose has all the above-mentioned aspects.