Best Coffee Table Books 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Tom Ford2. The Bucket List3. The Finer Things
Tom Ford Best Coffee Table BookKath Stathers The Bucket ListChristiane Lemieux The Finer Things

Books generally make a lot of difference in your surroundings. Isn’t it wonderful to be praised by all the guests for a beautiful coffee table book collection? Coffee table books relax you from a hectic day. It is a form of self-care. Some must-own books should decorate your coffee table. The following article features a list of the books you should own.


Features Of The Best Coffee Table Books

What makes the best coffee table book? What should be its features when you select them and put them for display? Why should it be present on your coffee table? Some questions are answered here

1. Content

The contents of the book on the coffee table must be exciting, relaxing, and insightful. It should not be a thriller or a mystery. It ought to be something that will help you realize that you’re gaining knowledge. Books, in general, will have a great aura in setting up the coffee table.

If the content is suited for all ages, then it is very well appreciated by the family and all the guests. This feature is indicated because the point has to be identified very strongly when you choose a book for your coffee table.

2. Cover

Well, it is said that you should not judge a book by its cover. But the cover does play an essential role in choosing a book. The cover must follow a consistent theme. It should go along with the settings of the table and must not take too much space.

Hardbound covers are preferred to that of softbound sheets for the coffee table by most people. It is also advisable to choose a neutral color cover than a flashy pink color for a cover.

3. Size

You may be an aesthetic book reader and prefer books everywhere. That doesn’t mean you can have a huge thesaurus on your coffee table, or an enormous volume of any book. Similarly, the pocket-sized book will also not help.

Sure, you can prefer that size for sticky notes, but your books will have to be a tad bit larger. This factor depends upon your coffee table size. You can prefer any format following the size of the coffee table.

4. Price

Books that decorate your coffee table should be reasonably priced. The torn, old books must be preserved in your library. The right books with fresh content and moderate in price should be kept on the table. Remember, you are keeping it on display, which means anyone can see it. You do not want anyone to see a very cheap, second handbook in pathetic condition to decorate your coffee table.

You can invest in any book as long as the cost does not matter to you. You also do not want anyone “accidentally” damaging the costly book. Especially, guests with small children should not end up being a nuisance to your coffee table.

Here are some books that you can choose from to add to your excellent coffee table book collection. Have a look at them all.

Top 14 Best Coffee Table Books 2022

1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford Best Coffee Table Book

Tom Ford is authored by Bridget Foley, Tom Ford, Anna Wintour, and Graydon Carter. These famous personalities mesmerize you in their way of storytelling. Know the most famous fashion clothing lines, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent? These authors have worked with the brands and created the book. Anna is an editor of the renowned fashion magazine Vogue that is published in America.

Bridget Foley has written many screenplays. Her first novel is called Hugo and Rose. Graydon Crater is the chief editor of the famous fashion Vanity Fair. Tom Ford is an eminent person in the fashion industry. When all of them worked together and blended their talents, the excellent book of Tom Ford’s book was birthed.


  • Monochromatic cover page that is bright and sharp
  • It has a hardbound cover and contains 414 pages that include color and black and white photographs from runways in the fashion industry
  • The massive size of the book leaves everyone in awe. The size of the book is 11 inches x 14 inches.
  • The prize of the book is a little less than a hundred dollars. It is worth it.
  • This book belongs to the genre art and photography, specifically in graphic design.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • Tom Ford is the # 1 best seller in design history and criticism.
  • It gives a bold look because of the color of the cover. The solid black cover indeed makes a statement.
  • The photographs and the words combine and serve as the best feature for this book.

2. Kath Stathers The Bucket List

Kath Stathers The Bucket List

Kath Stathers is the editor of this book. It presents a thousand ideas, big and small, to add to your bucket list. For those of you who don’t know, a bucket list consists of all the things that you want to do before you die. The presentation of this book is brilliant. Not all of us get to try out world destinations. It takes us time, even to choose a place to visit.

This book helps you decide on your vacations. The locations all around the world are cited in the text. Some adventures are small, that doesn’t make it look weird either. Small adventures, too, add up a great deal of fun before the big ones.


  • The book is suitable for all ages, just like the title.
  • It is a compulsory hand guide of wanderlust with the wish to travel to all the places all over the world.
  • It comes in both hard and softcover editions. Choose your pick.
  • The book contains 496 pages of ideas to do before you commit yourself to work.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The author has traveled all around the world and has provided authentic and reliable information.
  • One unique feature is that this book contains latitude and longitude of the places that increase a great deal of your geographic knowledge.
  • Those who wish to explore the world; this will be the best gift. You can also inspire people to add the ideas on the bucket list.

3. Christiane Lemieux The Finer Things

Christiane Lemieux The Finer Things

Christiane Lemieux is a great expert on more beautiful things that matter. This cozy book contains excellent illustrations of the finer details of home science. This book will serve as a great coffee table book because it includes rich content that will enhance the perspective of your home to the outsider. Readers say this book is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Many people prefer it on the coffee table just for its gorgeous cover. The cover is not shiny, although it gives an appearance as such. If you bear great interest in artistic pieces, this is the best book to settle on the coffee table. The book weighs 5.3 pounds, but it is only because of the thick pages and hardcover.


  • The book is hardcover and contains 416 pages
  • Illustrations in this book are of high quality, and the clarity is in its maximum level
  • Best book for people interested in more beautiful things in home science.
  • The author covers promising and deep research on all topics.
  • Contains both modern and antique pieces’ pictures

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • This is the # 1 best seller in home furniture. The author has done the research for three years and published the book; hence the significance of the information is enjoyed by the readers.
  • This book is a natural, relaxing read as sections and sections separate. It is further divided into divisions.
  • The book contains the past to present a timeline that the readers love.

4. Booze & Vinyl

Booze & Vinyl

Are you interested in parties? Here’s your right choice of a coffee table book. Booze and Vinyl will serve as a party guide on your coffee table. This book features music from the ’70s and the timeless drinks that should be enjoyed at your party.

Authors Andre Darlington and Tenaya Darlington show you a peek into the party music and cocktail. This book is your best chance for any organized grand party that you are going to conduct. André is a prominent writer and food critic. He is also a wine and cocktail specialist. As for music, he is a bass player and was formerly a disc jockey.

Tenaya teaches writing at St. Joseph’s University. She is an eminent writer who runs a blog. The duo has authored many books, together and alone.


  • Delightful illustrations and stories on a dark background will improve the quality of the coffee table books.
  • Hard-covered book with 224 pages of music and cocktail that gives a memorable experience
  • The best guide book for all the party animals out there.
  • This book comes under the genre of art and photography, and original music.
  • The book weighs only 1.7 pounds, which means only the cover contributes to the weight of the book.
  • Ideal for gifting any adult as well.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • Booze and Vinyl is the #1 best seller in various genres, like Antiques and records, blues, and R&B and Soul.
  • The authors have published this as the third book so it refined than the previous ones with excellent records and exotic cocktails

5. The Life And Love Of The Sea

The Life And Love Of The Sea

Authored by Lewis Blackwell, this book gives you a fantastic tour under the Sea. The author is very concerned about nature, especially water biomes. If you’re an environmental enthusiast, this book is 100% recommended.

Filled with vibrant high definition pictures and fascinating information about the marine biosphere, this book truly is an inspiration to explore and enjoy the marine coasts and further.

After all, the Sea is very pleasing to look at, isn’t it? It is of great value for money. The inexpensive cost but a vast collection is one of the reasons why people love this book. The content is suitable for all ages.


  • Best pictures of the Sea and marine life that will add color to your coffee table
  • The valuable information about endangered species as well as wonderful schools of common fish are provided along with illustrations
  • Hard covered book with square dimensions ( 12.5 x 12.5 inches)
  • Contains 226 thick matte pages with different shades of a vibrant cyan
  • The price is only $ 30 that is very moderate compared to the beauty of the book

What’s the best thing about it?

  • The Life and Love of the Sea have the title # 1 in underwater photography. The words of the book are mystical that will make you read from cover to cover. The most attractive images are provided that will draw your attention easily

6. Gray Malin Beaches

Gray Malin Beaches

Do you enjoy summers very much? Do you love the beaches, sand stiffening beneath your legs, sandcastles, and waves crashing against you? Are you into beautiful summer feelings and long for it even in winter?

This is the right coffee table book choice. Beaches, by Gray Malin, is an excellent book that blends different flavors of luxury, art, travel, and photography. The big pictures from aeriel’s view will amaze you and give you a feeling that you are enjoying summer right now.

Gray Malin’s specialty is aeriel view photography. With this book, you will be swept off your feet by the photos that you are viewing. You wouldn’t even have known such a perspective existed until you have this book. If your friend loves summer, then it works as an excellent option for gifting too. Who wouldn’t love a book that gives the feel of summer?


  • Reasonable price for such a great book with fantastic illustrations
  • Hardbound cover with a hundred and fifty pages that gives the feeling of summer and beaches
  • As said before, aeriel pictures are an essential feature that gives you another perspective of things to look at
  • Best coffee table book that is not cliché and does not preach so much warily about the environment
  • Excellent paper quality and stylishly designed cover letters

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The book is awarded as New York Times best has a title of #4 in Photography Collections & Exhibitions under the genre arts and photography.
  • It is also a leading bestseller under the title Beach Travel and beach Aerial views. Readers feel the summer pleasure just by the photographs.

7. Daniele Bott Chanel

Daniele Bott Chanel

Only as the brand name Chanel, this book is also very exquisite. But, unlike the expensive brand line, the book is very inexpensive. The value of the book is far more than the stated 22 dollars. The Chanel book will make your coffee table, and the room looks luxurious.

The fashion and history subjects that are covered can be pleasurable to all ages. This well serves as the most decorative and pleasing item in your coffee table, increasing your popularity among everyone who visits. Danielle Bott, the author, lets the book speak for itself.


  • Hardcover with an elegant white flower, its reflection, and satin ribbon makes it an authentic aesthetic to add for your coffee table.
  • The users provide more than 90% of positive reviews after buying the book
  • The book is square with 11 x 11-inch dimensions weighing 3.3 pounds.
  • Adds immediate appeal to people because of its luxury yet straightforward products. That is the goal of the brand Chanel; to provide luxury yet honest items that are comfortable.
  • Collectible pieces are available to interested people who have extraordinary fashion statements.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The contrast in colors among the pages is what makes the book stand out from other coffee table books.
  • While other books show too many designs on the cover, the abstract yet artistic hardbound cover makes it the best coffee table book that is available.
  • The brand’s archive and iconic items are portrayed with clarity that shows off brilliance on its pages.

8. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most prominent brands of fashion industries in the world. This coffee table book is created by Farid Muller and Florence Chenoune, who aim at excellence in any work. The brand Yves Saint Laurent is so famous, and so is its writing. The trendy cover that is minimal adds the perfect look on your coffee table.

The book has the letters YSL arranged vertically on the sheet standing for the initials of the fashion icon. It also consists of the background of Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Laurent is a fascinating person with a sour experience. His close friends and acquaintances who helped him out have also contributed to the making of this book


  • Matte black cover with quality pages and supreme descriptions are included
  • 388 pages of work consisting of personal background, addictions, jealousy, and rise to fame, without a hint of opaqueness
  • Honest and informative content along with supporting pictures from the archive
  • The book is in dimensions of a square, 11 inches each side
  • A classic collection that will boost the life of your social fashion in the coffee table

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The secure content and personal accounts of people truly make this piece very addicting.
  • You can read from cover to cover, enjoying relevant pictures along.
  • A real-life and self-reflecting work of a hard-working person will inspire you no bounds and will motivate you even on unproductive days.

9. Dodie Kazanjian Vogue

Dodie Kazanjian Vogue

Vogue is a leading high-end fashion magazine that has evolved over the years. This Coffee table book is the best of its kind, offering you a collection of all the Vogue covers 1890 to 2010. The book is quite expensive, but for those who love fashion, that will not be a problem. It will serve as a notable investment.

Entering into the world of classic covers that are colored from the 1900s, using various models Vogue the covers book, truly improved the fashion statement because of its quality. Models posing with esteemed brands will set new wardrobe goals for you and the other visitors. The updated edition is in the best quality, and the pages are thick and smooth to touch.


  • The book is hardbound and is preferred mostly by females.
  • The effervescent looks of the models add glam to the coffee table.
  • Three hundred four pages are in the book, sometimes four covers are printed in pages, and the newest ones are printed on the full sheet.
  • The dimensions of the book are 12 x 9 inches, and it weighs around 4.6 pounds.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The book ranks #4 in Fashion Models and #15 in Fashion Photography in books.
  • The best collection of covers that is ever possible is this edition of Vogue covers.
  • The price is economical for all the covers, and it is also available at discounted rates during annual vogue celebrations. The most desirable feature is that it includes five frameable posters.

10. 50 Years Of Rolling Stone

50 Years Of Rolling Stone

For all the music fans out there, this book will be the best coffee table item that is chosen. Rolling stone is a well-liked magazine, which has interviewed music artists like Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain, Harry Styles, and many more.

This enormous book contains abundant photos and excerpts from the interviews and snippets of poetic information for everyone with minute details. The cover is a bright red that will augment a pop of color to your living room. The music era of our parent’s generation is well portrayed. Hence, this book will also work as an excellent gifting option for the coffee table.


  • Renowned author Jann S. Wenner writes the introduction
  • Combines the best ideas that happened in music and politics
  • Rolling stone is a leading journal voicing all the cultures bringing talent into the spotlight
  • This book is 14.4 x 11.5 inches, and it weighs 6.2 pounds. The quality and thickness of the sheets are incomparable

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The price of the book is only 28 dollars. For so many precious photographs and well-reasoned information, the book is worth it.
  • This book sums up all the iconic moments of all issues. It is also exciting and informative to read.

11. Erin Gates Elements Of Style

Erin Gates Elements Of Style

Erin Gates has 10 year of experience in interior designs and has published this book to improve your taste in home designing. A stunning minimal book that contains lively illustrations will enhance your coffee table collection. The book gives you honest ideas and pieces of advice.

Home is where you spend life, and this book will teach you how to make both beautiful. The cover is white based and shows one of the exciting possibilities of decorating your home. The cute zebra-striped spine of the book will be easily distinguished and eye-catching from your other coffee table books.


  • The book is available both on hardcover and kindle edition
  • The price is a little less than twenty dollars, and it is worth the money you are paying for it
  • Dimensions of the book are 9.1 x 7.4 inches. This is the best coffee table book for smaller size tables and weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • There are 336 pages with illustrations, advice, and opinions for various models of houses that are applicable for numerous areas
  • Decorative piece that is aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • This is the # 1 best seller in decorative arts under home improvement and design genre. The striped spine makes it truly a masterpiece.
  • Simon & Schuster, very trusted publishers, have published this work from the expert.
  • This book also contains the personal experiences of the author.

12. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

With the boldest cover of the metallic mirror skeleton that reflects, this book is a true rock beauty, meant to decorate your coffee table. Designed to think out of the box, this fashion coffee table book will make you rethink your wardrobe preferences, introducing to a brand new dimension, and giving an insight into the fashion designer’s choices.

Containing more than enough pictures that date back to the origin of fashion, this book will be for the people who have a great interest in fashion designing history. Andrew Bolton is the author of this book.


  • The book is hardbound and contains 240 pages with description and illustrations
  • It weighs 4.3 pounds, which is rather heavy for 240 pages
  • The binding is intact and healthy. The pages are very thick, which contributes to the weight of the book.
  • The dimensions of the book are 13.5 x 10 inches
  • The pictures are in muted colors in contrast to the cover

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The best thing about this book is the cover. Any coffee table book should have an attractive color. This one book will help you achieve it.
  • The overall décor of the room will be changed once you add this book on your coffee table. The price is also less, only 33 dollars.
  • The author’s career and his breakthrough in the fashion industry are also mentioned among the pages to the readers.

13. Jane Eastoe Peonies

Jane Eastoe Peonies

Jane Eastoe, the author, has created this book to help you guide with home gardening. If you love vintage, soft, and pastel stuff, this is the best book that should adorn your coffee table. The cover itself has beautiful peonies in different shades of pink and white decorating it.

The pictures are a delight to look at. Every stage of growth of the peony is described and illustrated. This book contains warm-colored flowers that are appealing to the eye


  • Organized written work according to the growth of the peonies
  • The illustrations are beautiful and soft. This content is pleasing for all the family members and guests. You can even make this book a gifting option.
  • The book is hardcover with 240 pages. The dimensions are 9.9 x 7.6 inches
  • Weight of the book is 2.2 pounds
  • An informative book that develops a useful hobby

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The objective of the book, to develop a hobby, is the best feature. Other books tell you those things that already exist. This book teaches you, and you learn something effectively.
  • Peonies are money-making flowers that are used for decorative purposes or scent making. This book is very profitable if you pay the price

14. Joanna Gaines Homebody 

Joanna Gaines Homebody 

Joanna Gaines author’s homebody. She is an expert in home and interior décor. The book consists of practical and exciting ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of before. It helps you customize your apartment and build taste on the designs. The book illustrations contain neutral shades of color. It gives you snippets of information along with the pictures.


  • The book is hardbound and has 352 pages
  • Its dimensions are 10.9 x 8.5 inches, and it weighs 3 pounds
  • The material of the book is thick and will look great in your collection
  • Includes all the timelines of homely fashion for quick references.
  • It could serve as an excellent gift for any coffee table

What’s The Best Thing About It?

  • The exceptional detailing in the books adds a touch of the aesthetic sense that goes well with any color room. It has a matte cover, and dust does not settle quickly, no matter how long it keeps it in the same place.
  • The book also contains color photographs that are in high definition. All in all, this book will add the best piece to your coffee table.
  • This book has vibrant illustrations that make it worth every penny you spend on it.


There are countless books out in the world that are used to decorate a coffee table. Some of the best picks were given here. When choosing the book, keep the four factors–content, cover, size, and price–in your mind to go along with the theme of your room. Good luck!